RMB Chivenor Sub Aqua  Diving

Branch of the BSAC 1197


Royal Marines Barracks Chivenor Sub Aqua Club

Royal Marines Barracks Chivenor Sub Aqua Club is a Special branch of the BSAC and part of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Sub Aqua Diving Association.

The Branch was formed out of the old RAF Branch in April 1995 when the  Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines moved to Chivenor from Plymouth.

The Branch is accommodated at the Water Sports Centre and meets every Tue evening 1930 hrs when the Branch is open..




Names of Past Chairman for the RMB Chivenor Branch of the BSAC 1197


Lt Cook RM                                         1995 - 1996

Capt. Steve Congreave RM                 1996 - 1998

Major Nick Bentham-Green RM         1998 - 2005

WO 2 Kevin Bristow RM                    2005 - 2013

Major John Moy                                  2013 - 2015

Capt Piers Rodbard-Hedderwick,        2015 - 2016

WO 2 Dave Rodgers RM                     2016 - 2019

Lt Col Alan Easingwood RE                2019 -Present       





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